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Word games

Gather the family for your favorite word play and word-building games, all found here at Remy’s!

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A fun word game with a 15 character limit! The first to use all their tiles takes the hand and yells “BANANAS”!
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Try to guess what your friends are saying with this super silly word play game!
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We carry this classic timed word game in its original, “big”, and JR. editions!
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We have most editions of Scrabble here including Scrabble JR., Deluxe Scrabble, and even SUPER Deluxe Scrabble.
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Strategy Board Games

Here at Remy’s we have board games for the whole family. For you and your older kids we have classic and new strategy games!

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Parcheesi is a classic strategy game, dating back to over a hundred years ago!
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Carcassonne is a modern landscaping classic with knights, thieves, farmers, and monks!
Image result for ticket to ride game
Ticket to Ride is a fun family strategy game of building, and wagering with a $1 Million winner takes all prize!